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Goku !!

He is the most powerful fighter in the universe, the leader of the Earth’s Z-force and one who is respected by even the Eternal Dragon Chevron. He eats like pig, sleeps like a log and fights like a real hero. He is Goku, the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball Series.

He was born a Saiyan at the planet Vegeta and was sent to the planet Earth with the sole purpose of destroying it. But somehow he fell down heads first and forgot everything about his mission. An old man Gohan found him and brought him up. He grew up to be a strong lad(thanks to his saiyan origin) with a gentle heart ready to help any soul. In DragonBall he was just a kid whose dragon ball was stolen from him by those who wanted to use them for evil(Red Ribbon Army/Dr Gero, Garlic Jr). The DragonBall belonged to his then late Grandpa and Goku and held a special place in his life. On his adventure to get back the Dragon Ball he met many others like Bulma, Chi Chi , Krillin, Yamcha and others. He also participated in the world martial arts tournament defeating the likes of King Piccolo. Later his brother Raditz came to earth to check on him and Goku died trying to save his son, Gohan. The earthlings later learned that more Saiyans are coming after the mysterious Dragon Balls, this news make Kami interfere and he guided Goku to King Kai for training after convincing King Yama.

He trained and was just back in time to save the day defeating Vegeta. The next adventure was to use the original Dragon Balls on the planet Namek to bring back those who were killed during the fight with Vegeta. However another contender Frieza also joined the race for the Dragon balls. During their confrontations Frieza killed Krillin which triggered a transformation in Goku elevating him to Super Saiyan level. After the Frieza saga was over another danger by the name of Androids creations of Dr Gero hit them. That and then Dr Gero’s ultimate creation Cell. During Cell games Goku elevated to SS2. After Cell saga the last one in DBZ was Buu Saga in which Goku had risen above all to Super Saiyan 3 (awesome !!).  Thereafter the story continued in the DBGT series with 92 episodes, DBZ had 292 !! In DBGT there was only one main villian the Dragon. Overuse of Dragon Balls resulted in freeing of the Dragon and this time the Earth was almost destroyed. This series displayed the power of fusion between Goku and vegeta, enter Vegeto and Gogeta. The dragon was defeated and Goku left with Chevron for eternity. He is and will be the most powerful and kind fighter of the universe forever.


Many a times in a story we see many bad guys turn towards the good side. Same thing happened with Vegeta the lead villain in Dragon Ball Z series. He is one of the Saiyans who survived when the planet Vegeta exploded. Unknowingly he worked for Freeza who had destroyed planet Vegeta, but he had no idea about it. He came to Earth when by mistake Goku(the lead hero) revealed the secret of the Dragon Balls to his then dying brother Raditz(also on the bad side !). Seeing Goku who always remained one step ahead of him in terms of strength, he felt jealous and in continued to train on Earth. Eventually he befriended the members of Earth Z Force and married Bulma(:O). They have a son named Trunks and a daughter named Bulla.

Even after his transformation his heart was not totally pure as was seen in the episodes where Babidi uses the blackness in his heart to transform him and use him against Goku. But still he fought (with arrogance and without teamwork)against many other villains like the Androids, Cell, Buu. He was also seen in the next series Dragon Ball GT where he fought alongside Goku against Chevron. Both Goku and Vegeta rose to Super Saiyan Level 4, and the series also involved the first appearance of Vegeto!! Overall he may not be the strongest one(compared to Goku) but still his attitude and style will always top the list. After all he is The Saiyan Prince !!