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Evolution or revolution ??


Hatake Kakashi – The Copy Ninga

Hatake Kakashi is one of the main characters in the Naruto series and is a highly(probably the most) skilled jounin in the Hidden Leaf Village respected by all others(Guy Sensai too !!). His father was also holding similar reputation and was bestowed with the title White Fang of the Leaf ! During a mission his father sacrificed its success for protecting the other team members’ lives. This resulted in heavy criticism by the villagers and the reputation of the White Fang was defaced. His father left the village soon and not much is known about him since then. This incident transformed Kakashi’s attitude and he started to consider the mission more important than his comrades. This changed during a mission with his team headed by Minito(The Fourth Hokage) where one of his comrades from the Uchiha clan sacrificed himself to save him. The dying Obito Uchiha gifted Kakashi with the Sharingan. Since then Kakashi rose to new heights in skills and mastered(rather copied ;)) more that 1000 ninjutsu earning himself the title of The Copy Ninja.

He is a former ANBU team leader(one of the youngest). His basic element is Lightening and he is the sensai for team 7 consisting of Naruto Uzumaki(our Hero!), Sasuke Uchiha and Haruno Sakura. His most powerful technique is the Lightening Blade. He also succeeded elevating his eye techniques by attaining the Mangekyo Sharingan. He commands the Ninja Dogs using Summoning Techniques adding to his tracking abilities. He is best known for speed, coolness quotient and his yet to be disclosed face. He also loves reading the Make-Out series written by Jiraiya. He is by far the coolest character(close competitor to Itachi) and its thrilling to see him fight !

Many a times in a story we see many bad guys turn towards the good side. Same thing happened with Vegeta the lead villain in Dragon Ball Z series. He is one of the Saiyans who survived when the planet Vegeta exploded. Unknowingly he worked for Freeza who had destroyed planet Vegeta, but he had no idea about it. He came to Earth when by mistake Goku(the lead hero) revealed the secret of the Dragon Balls to his then dying brother Raditz(also on the bad side !). Seeing Goku who always remained one step ahead of him in terms of strength, he felt jealous and in continued to train on Earth. Eventually he befriended the members of Earth Z Force and married Bulma(:O). They have a son named Trunks and a daughter named Bulla.

Even after his transformation his heart was not totally pure as was seen in the episodes where Babidi uses the blackness in his heart to transform him and use him against Goku. But still he fought (with arrogance and without teamwork)against many other villains like the Androids, Cell, Buu. He was also seen in the next series Dragon Ball GT where he fought alongside Goku against Chevron. Both Goku and Vegeta rose to Super Saiyan Level 4, and the series also involved the first appearance of Vegeto!! Overall he may not be the strongest one(compared to Goku) but still his attitude and style will always top the list. After all he is The Saiyan Prince !!

Blizzard entertainment best known for their creation of Warcraft series over the years released a game called StarCraft in March 1998. It was totally opposite to Warcraft and was based on scenarios from the 26th century. The game was one of those real time military strategy comparable to the command and conquer series(Red Alert/Tiberiun Sun). This one had three main species and the player had to play each one to complete the game similar to Warcraft. The species were Terrens(humans), Zerg(insectoid) and highly advanced Protoss(psionic bastards). All fighting for a distant part of the Milky way galaxy. Its sequel Starcraft II -Broodwars was released recently.

Not much complex as Tiberiun Sun in terms of weapons and structures
Great music and storyline
Relocation of buildings possible(if you play Terrans)
Mac version also available

Only one level of upgrade for humans 😦
No indication for idle SCVs or similar units
No ships

Try it once for sure if you are a strategy game genre fan.
If you like it and think its fairly easy, try going against someone from S Korea !!