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Need For Speed – Most Wanted

The version 2 for Most Wanted came out with a hell out of expectations considering the legacy of the legendary NFSMW. Sadly it did not perform that well but it had its share of success. The single player mode in this version has pretty much the same flow as the last version. 10 most wanted cars, collect speed points(alias for bounty) to unlock a chance for racing the most wanted. Cars are easily available for jacking, you dont need to buy upgrades but you unlock them. Again we miss Mia !!


Driving is fun but nothing matches the latest NFS Hot Pursuit in that department. The sheer driving pleasure that NFSHP delivered is not matched by any other game in the market even today.

Anyhow the game is fun for the first time, but you wont play it a second time. Overall a 6.5 of 10.


2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 3,700 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 6 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Modern Warfare 3

The third instance of Modern Warfare is finally here !! With Makarov still at large Price and Soap of the disavowed Task Force 141, Frost of The Delta Force, SAS(UK) and Sabre of GIGN(France) work together to get to him before he launches a nuclear warfare on Russian enemy countries and torn the world apart as we know it.

You take back the North American continent and make your way into Europe to capture and stop Makarov. Yuri is an addition who hates Makarov as much as everyone else. He joins Price and Soap in their hunt.

The game has 3 phases in Campaign mode and around 12 missions. It has the thrill and gameplay surpassing the earlier versions and better graphics. Must play !!

Pros : Call of Duty so great story and gameplay, Ultra modern weaponry, more instances for controlling air strikes

Cons : Campaign is too short, you can finish it in 2 days at normal difficulty level.

Hope they make us play Overlord next time 😀

Lets Fly !!

I have had a very natural affinity for things exhibiting their power, be it Naruto powering up in his Kyuubi avatar or the sight of watching the afterburners of a jet plane fire off. The aeroplane has also evolved from single propeller to today’s humongous jets with super sonic speeds.

Empire Earth

Live through the ages, conquer kingdoms and build up your empire. Empire Earth by Sierra is one way to do just that. It spans through the dark ages in Greece to the ultra modern world with the Russians. The campaigns depict popular events in civilizations like Greek, English, German and Russian. The game is highly immersible and gives complete control of your empire to its king(yes, its you !!). Every campaign has specialized units belonging to a particular civilization giving you insight about them.

Pros : Great campaign based on actual historic events, units are well defined and have great variety and gameplay control is good.

Cons : Behaviour of some units is strange

The Interview

Its something everyone of us have been through once, an interview. But this young man had had a hell of an interview. They plays is about a guy who goes for an interview at a huge corporation for a dream job. He is ready to reveal almost everything about himself (partly because of the fake lie-detector… spoiler alert !!). Along comes the bribe/barter system quite common in the bureaucratic offices of our country. Every character had his own set of troubles and all of it intertwined to give us two hours of a roller coaster ride with loads of laughter and comic drama.

Writer : Siddharth Kumar
Director : Akarsh Khurana

Catch this play at The Comedy Store or NCPA, Mumbai. Must Watch.

If you get it then its fine, otherwise take it as a Joke !! This play challenges the traditional beliefs and notions about God and its true form. Hindus in India like many other religions and communities follow the practice of idol worship. The play depicts a writer Sandeep Joshi who gives up his belief in God and starts praying to the fairies that made him happy and content in the childhood. He face opposition from the society and even his wife but his arguments were able to punch through the beliefs of others forcing them to rethink about faith they had in God.

The play is well stirred mix of humor and drama, kind of a seriocomedy. Towards the end it left me thinking about the ways I worship and visualize God. There is more to God than just granting wishes and hurling disasters at us. God is the desire to do the right thing that lives in all of us but is hidden or suppressed. If that desire is on top of everything you do, then I think God is with you !!

Cast : Makrand Deshpande, Nivedita Bhattacharya, Abir Abrar, Hattangadi, Kshitee Jog

You can catch the play at The Prithvi Theater, Juhu, Mumbai. Please inquire about the date and time at Prithvi itself.

A fast paced show that hits you hard. No man or woman is going to be the same again. “Bold” and “Women Independence” are the words that come to my mind after attending this show. This is one the most successful plays being played at The Comedy Store in Palladium, Mumbai. Its the same as the Eve Enslar one but its being performed by Indian female actresses. It has almost been a decade since the inception of this iconoclastic narration in India.

The ladies are well known in the theater industries and to watch them narrate the monologues is an absolute delight. However every monologue has a story and a social message relating to the problems women face in our society. It isnt just about the Indian society but about the global scenario and conditions women of this world live in or experience on a daily basis. You have to watch it to relish the essence of this wonderful play.

Hats off to the ladies !!

Starring : Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal, Dolly Thakore, Avantika Akerkar, Jayanti Bhatia
Directed by: Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal
Written by : Eve Enslar

You can watch it at The Comedy Store, Palladium, Lower Parel / Prithvi Theater / St. Andrews, Mumbai. Check out the date and timings at

The first of its kind in comedy festivals, The Naked Comedy Festival by Bonobo productions, Bandra at the St Andrews auditorium was a roaring success. The shows were attended by many none of whom were disappointed.
The show was hosted by Ashwin and had around 6-7 performers. The opening act was a parody to a horror scene featuring a strip tease by Ashwin :D. The show had performers like Saurabh Pant, Aditi Mittal, Neville Shah, Nesta Balta etc all well know in the local circuits. The guest performer was Papa CJ who is probably one of the best comedians in India. He has performed with the likes of Rusell Peters and represented India at various international venues. He has also won many national and international awards for his acts.

The show was around 150 mins with a snack break in between and the ticket prices ranged from 200-800 INR. All in all the show was worth every penny. Hard luck for those who missed it. Great work Bonobo, looking forward to more such releases.

P.S. I should have posted this a long time ago, just didn’t time to finish it.

The great Indian developers summit 2012 at IISc,bangalore was the fifth edition organized by Saltmarch media. This version was better and bigger then the previous four versions according to the junta that attended the past summits. I attended all the 3 tracks on .NET, Java and Web and also the workshop track on the last day. Overall the tracks were informative and the workshops were helpful and not to forget the rewarding promotional goodies.

.NET track was mainly focused on the new features in ASP MVC and C#. The main speakers were from Microsoft research. I am no that well versed with these technologies but still I enjoyed the sessions.

The Java track had a lot of talks discussing about Java 8 and JavaFx. Major upgrades in J2SE were also discussed. Major speakers were Venkat Subramqnium and Simon Ritter.

The Web track had sessions on HTML5, SQL Server2012, Google App Engine etc. Speakers were Googlers, Microsoft employees and well known techies like Scott Davis(my favorite speaker for the summit).

The workshops had training sessions from developers at blackberry, Microsoft and Venket himself.
This was my first visit to a developer conference and the experience was pretty satisfying.